A lot of people have started to look into owning property around Banderas Bay, especially within the area of Nuevo Vallarta. This luxurious planned resort community brings together tropical comforts, urban amenities, and the diversity of its residents into one big melting pot. It’s garnered a reputation for being not only a low-cost place to move into but also a serene place where small families can grow together.

Lots of tourists can attest to the beauty of the island, owing a lot of it to the friendly nature of all of its residents. Dominated by an amazingly long stretch of coast and beaches, you’ll have the time of your life there.

Nuevo Vallerta’s World-class Beachfront

The resort community is crowned with a long stretch of beaches that have become the main tourist draw for the area. The white sand there is soft to the touch while its gentle waves entice locals and visitors alike to go for a swim. Lots of beachfront activities are available such as Kayaking and Paddleboarding. Other activities involve swimming with dolphins, going down waterslides, and just enjoying the rich waters of the coast.

The beachfront of Nuevo Vallarta is also home to many different marinas and restaurants where you can unwind after a hard week. You can choose from a range of both local options and high-class establishments, all depending on what your budget can handle. Nuevo Vallarta also has a big nightlife scene with bars and other places springing to life once the sun comes down.

Every inch of the beachfront is well maintained and kept tidy, making it a prime choice for people buying rest houses and vacation homes. Looking for Nuevo Vallarta beachfront condos for sale can be a challenge, but possible with enough time and patience.

Live Alongside A Lively Community

Of course, the beaches aren’t the only focus of Nuevo Vallarta. No good community is complete without the friendly smiles of the people living there. Nuevo Vallarta is known to host some of the friendliest communities on this side of the world, composed of a variety of cultures. Those looking for homes for sale in Nuevo Vallarta will find that there’s a community for every sort of lifestyle.

The cost of living within the area of Nuevo Vallarta isn’t that bad either, especially when compared to other areas in the Americas. Pricing around here is nice and stable and even extends to real estate prices. If you’re one to prefer fresh produce or organic options, then Nuevo Vallarta can suit your needs without having to break the bank.

A good community isn’t just one that’s friendly, it’s got to be secure for both locals and travelers alike. Both Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta were found to be the safest areas around the country with even the U.S. Department of State pointing out that they’ve placed no travel restrictions regarding the area. You could walk around the resort at midnight and be perfectly fine, a rarity when it comes to popular destinations.

The Urban Life In Nuevo Vallarta

If you’re making the move to Nuevo Vallarta, chances are you’re thinking that you may have to sacrifice some of the city comforts you may have gotten used to. Luckily for you, the vast developments done within the area have made it so that Nuevo Vallarta is stocked with centers and markets for you to shop at.

The Paradise Plaza Shopping Center is one of the first places you should go if you’re looking to do some shopping. It’s got a large roster of shops, restaurants, eateries, and other spots that you can go and experience. It’s also close to the nearby El Tigre Golf Club if you’re down to play for a couple of holes.

Families might be looking for places where their kids can go play at the whole day. The Aquaventuras Park is a large waterpark where your kids can have fun in the sun.

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