Undoubtedly, both in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta you can find vast options of development in which to buy a condo , house or villa. The noticeable difference now between condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta and condos in Nuevo Vallarta is the price! Condos for sale in Nuevo Vallarta can be found in pre construction up to 50% cheaper than condos in Puerto vallarta depending on projects.

Inventory in Puerto Vallarta is at its all time low, due to the lack of buildable lands available, what Nuevo Vallarta still has, low inventory with high buying pressure are effectively driving prices up.

On an investment perspective now, condos in Nuevo Vallarta will benefit much more from the expansion of the area ; Puerto Vallarta can’t expend much anymore, while Nuevo Vallarta will see soon the opening of Vidanta World, the most expensive theme park ever built in Mexico!

Vidanta World Dream Park plan to welcome 1.2 million visitors in its first year of operations, that equals to more than 3200 visitors a day, looking for accommodation in a close radius to the park! Cumulated with the visitors coming already to enjoy the stunning white sand beach of Nuevo Vallarta, it’s more quiet and green environment, it results on an explosive cocktail , it will catch up the prices with the condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta in just a few years.

Another very important factor, as we say in real estate, money is made at buying.

According to Google search, condos in Nuevo Vallarta are, for now, less researched than condos in Puerto vallarta , means that when you want to buy it, you have more chances to acquire a unit with best views, best pricing ( at early development stage) than in Puerto Vallarta, where the most interesting units are already sold when the advertisement for the new development hits the marketing channels.