Puerto Vallarta is one of those places in Mexico where you can just go out and have a great time without any worries. It’s home to a lot of malls and stores that have the thrills and deals you can ever hope for. It’s one of the reasons why so many travelers decide to hunker down and invest in real estate there and condos for sale Puerto Vallarta. Even premiere locations Nuevo Vallarta Beachfront Condos for sale go quickly as more people settle down alongside the coast.

With that in mind, it’s good to know what you should look out for around both Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. We’ll be going through some of the big shopping centers around the two beach resort communities along with what you can do there once you arrive!

The Galerias Vallarta Shopping Mall

First in our list of prime shopping malls and centers is the largest one you’ll find around Puerto Vallarta. The Galerias Vallarta Shopping Mall is home to a large collection of local and traditional shops as well as international outlets and stores. It’s got everything you could ever want when going shopping alongside a lot of different entertainment venues like a movie theater, trampoline spot, food court, and a kid’s playground. There are even spots where you can bask in the warm glow of the sun and the serene sounds of the coastal front.

If this sounds like a mall that’s up your alley, then make sure to stop by when you visit the scenic resort community in your future travels!

La Isla Shopping Village

Looking for sunnier skies and a day with loads of different food options? The La Isla Shopping Village might just be the mall you want to go for instead. This one is laid out as an outdoor mall and is one of the best places to just walk around and enjoy the day with your friends and family. La Isla is a nature-inspired mall that hosts a whole river filled with gondolas, turtles, and even koi fish that you can spot within its pristine waters. There’s also a whole load of fast-food spots and higher-end restaurants you can go grab a bite at.

Looking for something to look forward to for the week? La Isla regularly hosts musical events and even sports a great movie theater. One of our favorite perks of their theater is that you can order food from outside to be delivered wherever you are within the cinema. Even if you’re not planning to spend, this place is still a great place to just kick back and relax.

Paradise Plaza Shopping Center

Nuevo Vallarta, the neighboring area right next where condos for sale puerto vallarta, is also home to a great complex of malls and restaurants. The Paradise Plaza Shopping Center offers its visitors a lot when it comes to both convenience and luxuries. The place is loaded with different Mexican-inspired stores which have styles of clothing that you won’t find anywhere else. Once you’ve got your shopping fix sated, you can enjoy a meal around the various dining options around the Plaza.

Paradise Plaza has a lot going on when it comes to live entertainment. Want to watch regional dances or even Mayan rituals? Maybe you just want to join the many specialty and themed events that happen all around the year. Paradise Village and the Paradise Plaza Shopping Center will be the premier stop for lovers of the resort’s nightlife.

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